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Day 1 - Monday, June 18, 2001
Seattle to Arlington, WA
65 miles, 3139 feet of climbing

I got an early start out of downtown Seattle just before 8 AM. There were a lot of bike commuters downtown - at least more than I'm used to seeing in other cities. I was glad to keep up with some of the slower ones on the hills. One of them asked me if I normally carry all of that stuff to work (including yesterday's bike clothes that I left on the back rack to dry)! 

After crossing the Lake Washington Ship Channel, I took the Burke-Gilman trail. Now I'm not a huge fan of trails (mainly due to the stop signs every 100 feet), but this one wasn't too bad, with minimal street crossings since it circumvents Lake Washington. I then left the trail to go east on 522, then north on 527, then east on 524 to reach Highway 9 northbound, which is where most of today's was.

The plastic on one of my Speedplay Frog pedals split on one side. It had a crack in the plastic near the bolt that holds it together, and pressure on the part of the pedal that prevents the heel from hitting the crank caused the crack to grow, eventually splitting the plastic on one side from the bolt to the axle. Luckily the other side is still usable, but there's a crack there too, so I went looking for a bike shop to get a replacement. I was already in Snohomish, so I went to the bike shop there, but "no, we only carry Time pedals". 

I called around and found a bike shop in Everett that had the pedals, so I took the road from Snohomish to Everett, which then ended at US 2, with a "bikes prohibited" sign. Westbound looked like a freeway, eastbound a highway, so I headed east to get back to Highway 9. A state patrol passed me but didn't do anything. I then concluded that there would be bridge access issues that my AAA map would not be able to route me around, so I abandoned the plan to ride to Everett.  [Later, I found a list of roads prohibited to Washington cyclists here.  It looks like I could have used the portion of US 2 in question.  However, it is difficult to tell from that web page if there are additional restrictions on bridges that are not listed.]

The AAA map and campbook showed a campground in Arlington, so that was my destination. I may as well throw out the campbook, because the campground was actually 10 miles west of Arlington. Instead, I'm at the cheapest motel just off Interstate 5. 

Since there are four gas stations on this side of the interstate, each with a minimart, I decided to pick up some super glue and duct tape to do a repair on the pedal. I have photos which I'll post later, but my repair might just hold me over until I get to Sandpoint, Idaho (where at this time, I assume that this will be the next bike shop on the route).

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