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Day 3 - Wednesday, June 20, 2001
Rockport to Diablo, WA
36 miles, 3709 feet of climbing

Tom and David got an early start, getting on the road by 7 AM, while I didn't get on the road until 8. This turned out to be to my advantage, as I was able to get to the restaurant in Marblemount right when it opened. 

The scenery starts getting really nice heading east out of Rockport into the Cascades. Tall trees and mountain peaks on both sides. It should get even nicer while climbing to Rainy Pass and Mountain Pass. 

A sign in Marblemount said "no major services next 70 miles", so I stocked up for the next few meals. 

It was another sunny day, but this one was a lot warmer than the past two, especially on the steep climb between Newhalem and Diablo (the locals say it like die-ab-low). 

This was a short day by design, with the intent of getting to a campground as close to tomorrow's two mountain passes as possible. I caught up with Tom and David at Cottonwood Creek Campground just outside of Diablo. They had already picked out a nice area by the lake and they invited me to join them. 

The rest of the way through Washington will all be on Highway 20. As a result, this puts me on the standard Northern Tier route used by many touring cyclists. This is when you start hearing the rumors of the existence of other touring cyclists - supposedly there's a couple of guys riding to New Jersey that are staying in a nearby campground. A couple from Vermont walked over to talk with us - they're riding their tandem bike from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine. 

As far as I can tell, there's no payphone at today's primitive campsite, so this update will have to wait a day.

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