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Day 19 - Friday, July 6, 2001
Dillon to Alder, MT
50 miles

Dillon is a town that can definitely be considered small (about 3000 people), yet almost too big to strike up conversations with locals at restaurants. As far as I could tell, there were no other bikes at the campground. 

This is one of those rides where it looks flat on the map. In fact, it was a gradual drop from Dillon (5100 feet) to Twin Bridges (4800 feet), then uphill again to Alder (5600 feet). 

I stopped to look at Beaverhead Rock - used by Sacajwea and Lewis and Clark as a navigational landmark. I couldn't see the resemblance to the beaver's head but I was looking in the wrong direction - it was further up the road. Duh! 

I had the most expensive lunch ($10) of the trip in Twin Bridges, at a cute bed and breakfast type restaurant. 

Today's goal was Virginia City, but the storm clouds had moved in, causing a stiff headwind (in addition to the grade), so I finished the ride eight miles early. Those eight miles will be easier tomorrow morning. 

Since it's the weekend, the KOA folks (yes, another KOA...) put on an awesome BBQ dinner. Most of the people here attended - making it a good informal gathering. I spent some time talking with a couple from Salmon, ID, who come here about every other weekend and know the staff by name. Actually, there's quite a few "regulars" here. They're serving breakfast tomorrow also. 

Webmaster Brice put some of the photos on the web page - I haven't seen them yet, so I can't say yet which ones are on there.

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