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Day 36 - Monday, July 23, 2001
Valentine to Springview, NE
53 miles

Got a late start out of Valentine, as I needed to borrow the pump from the bike shop, which didn't open until 9:00. It was actually a really well stocked bike and kayak shop - they had Gary Fisher mountain bikes and even a Santana Sovereign tandem.

Coming out of town on Highway 12, there were actually a few steep, but short hills going through the Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge. This was also a highly forested section by the river.

Soon the terrain returned to rolling sand hills in rural country. There were only two towns in the middle of today's route - both unincorporated, and only one with a general store (and a shaded campground - a good spot for lunch).

Today was a bit cooler than yesterday, but there was no cloud cover, so it felt warmer to me.

Since I was tired from yesterday, and I got too late of a start today, I stopped in Springview after 53 miles. Being the county seat, I figured it would be the biggest town, although it only has 300 people. I'm at the hotel in town, since thunderstorms are forecasted for tonight (although I'm just east of today's severe forecast area). I'm not sure what the conditions will be like tomorrow - the rain's no problem, just the lightning...

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