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Day 38 - Wednesday, July 25, 2001
Spencer to Crofton, NE
69 miles

I got my package at the post office shortly after it opened at 7 AM. It had arrived in the post office on Monday. The postmaster didn't bother asking for ID since this was the only package that had been sent via general delivery in a long time.

The time spent getting the package, mailing some stuff home, plus slow service at breakfast, made for a late 9 AM start. However, it was still a bit chilly at about 60 degrees or so.

About ten miles down the road in Bristow I stopped for a lemonade. While I was drinking it in front of the supermarket a lady from the vacation bible school across the street came over and asked if I could spend some time to talk to the kids about my trip. So me and my bike went over and I was the special guest star talking abut my trip. Then there were free pancakes for breakfast afterwards. They took pictures and I might be in the local newspaper.

A lunch stop in Verdel and an e-mail checking stop in Niobrara rounded out the midday activities.

The dots on the map are updated once again. Now I feel like I'm making progress, having crossed the 2000 mile mark and with Nebraska full of dots! If you're blocked out from getting to it via <>, you can use the link to the old map <>.  [These are now dead links, of course.]

Someone told me about the one and only hotel in Crofton, but I found the city park which has two RV electrical hookups and plenty of grass for tents.  Camping is free the first night and two dollars per additional night, although I don't know who you'd give the money to.

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