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Day 40 - Friday, July 27, 2001
Sioux City, IA
Rest Day

At 6 AM I was already packed and ready to leave the motel at first light.  Apparently someone else had the same idea - I waited for them to leave before doing so myself.

I found the Super 8 motel further outside of town - they had a room already available at 7 AM, so that I could drop off my stuff before going downtown to do errands.

Oddly enough, there was almost no rush hour traffic heading downtown. I first headed to the bike shop - again odd because it was the only shop in the city and it was located downtown.

The bike shop was open at 8 AM (fairly early, again odd), and I thought I would have to leave the bike for the day to fix the wheel and do the other repairs, but to my surprise they were able to accommodate me on the spot. They were a lot slower this week after the blitz from last week's RAGBRAI ride. Great service and good quality repairs - I'll have to send them a postcard from the road.

I found it strange that there wasn't a lot going on downtown. I found out later that the major employers are located outside of town - Gateway in N. Sioux City, SD and another company in LeMars, IA. So I wasn't surprised when I walked past a couple of buildings that were getting the wrecking ball treatment.  

The library had plenty of computers with internet access (and a printer), so I was able to print out the route for the RAGBRAI Day 1 ride from Sioux City to Storm Lake, which is the route I will follow tomorrow. I'll head off on my own route to the east after that, as the rest of the RAGBRAI route goes too far south.

So my plan is to head east, somewhere between Highway 3 and US 20, and then drop down towards Cedar Rapids and then cross the Mississippi River at Sabula.

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