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Day 42 - Sunday, July 29, 2001
Storm Lake to Webster City, IA
87 miles

Gary cooked up some eggs, pancakes, and bacon for breakfast, so naturally I had to stick around for that. I thanked them for their hospitality before exchanging e-mail addresses and taking off.

On the way out of town I spoke with someone who has lived in Storm Lake since 1955. The recent use of immigrants to fill labor shortages has not been without problems, and he is ready to move, probably to Pierre, SD.

The first 25 miles of highway 7 was a nice ride out of Storm Lake. I had an interesting conversation in front of a gas station with a pastor, who offered a prayer for safe travels.

At the highway 4 junction I had the option of taking the county road straight across, or jogging down to the other part of highway 7. The storm clouds were moving in, so I took the jog down to avoid them. The only problem was that put me straight into the headwind from the south for about five miles!

After stopping for a late lunch in Pomeroy, I found out that the storm never materialized, and it was clear skies again.

Taking the highway instead of the country blacktop on the approach to the Fort Dodge area put me through the suburbs instead of the country above. It was tricky to navigate through the hills and city streets with the maps I had, but it went OK.

I pushed on to Webster City, and since it was a long day I gave up the idea of searching for camping and went straight for the "motel zone" next to the freeway.

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