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Day 44 - Tuesday, July 31, 2001
Grundy Center to Cedar Rapids, IA
83 miles

I got an early start at 7 AM and went to the breakfast place in town. Soon thereafter, my hosts from last night showed up, and I was invited to the "regulars" table.

About half of today's ride was on bike paths. While I believe that the safety claims of bike paths vs. roads are overrated, the paths provide one thing that the country blacktops don't: SHADE! There are tall trees on both sides of the paths, instead of corn. That was pretty important on the first day of the heat wave.

The first path was a short 9 mile one going east from Grundy Center. Then it was country blacktops to La Porte City, where I got to ride 38 out of the 52 miles of the path from Waterloo to Cedar Rapids. Another perk was that the trees provided a break from the winds from the south.

I met Joe from the touring list near downtown Cedar Rapids. We rode through downtown to see some parodies of the famous Grant Wood "farmer with the pitchfork" painting (he was from Cedar Rapids) before riding over to his place.

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