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Day 45 - Wednesday, August 1, 2001
Cedar Rapids to Maquoketa, IA
67 miles

Joe had given me some routing advice to go east out of the city. I was glad to get his advice on that, since according to the map there were not many roads going in that direction.

It was already in the high 70s and really humid when leaving Joe's at 7 AM. The heat was tolerable in the morning, but by the afternoon it was in the high 90s, with high humidity, giving a "heat index" of 110. I don't know how they calculate the heat index, but I would have rather been riding in Phoenix on a 110 degree day than in today's weather.

In the afternoon I bumped into a guy on a training ride. He was riding in the hot afternoon because he had to work in the morning. Although fairly new to cycling, he was good at short but fast rides - he could maintain a 20+ mph average over a 10 mile flat course. He seemed rather underwhelmed when I mentioned my average touring speed was 12 mph. The five miles he rode with me was the slowest he'd ever gone!

The last 20 miles were so hot that I had to really slow down the pace and take breaks whenever I saw shade. I even put sunscreen on three times today!

There were some places to camp along the route, but due to the high heat and humidity I opted for a hotel instead.

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