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Day 47 - Friday, August 3, 2001
Sterling to DeKalb, IL
70 miles

The best way to head east was to cross the river over to Rock Falls and then out through Dixon Road. Until it closed down recently, the steel mill in Sterling was the biggest employer in the area. Years ago, management had mansions in Sterling, while the workers lived in housing across the river in Rock Falls. The high school rivalries continue today.

I had my fifth spoke breakage in Dixon. (I forgot to mention number 3 and number 4 in the previous reports.) I was a bit lazy about the repair, since I had just decided i would seek out a more permanent repair in Chicago.

After Dixon, it was the easy to follow but busy Highway 38 to DeKalb. Illinois' roads seemed in a lot worse condition than Iowa's - probably in part because they see a lot more traffic.

DeKalb is home to Northern Illinois University, but not much else. I rode past the motels on the west side of town, looking for the other ones, and soon I found myself in the cornfields past the east side of town. Hotel rooms weren't cheap, as I am getting closer to the Chicago area...

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