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Day 51 - Tuesday, August 7, 2001
Elmhurst to Altorf, IL
63 miles

Being about 15 miles west of downtown Chicago, today's challenge was to figure out which way to go. So today's ride was mostly southbound to get as much rural riding as possible.

Although Highway 83 is three lanes in each direction, it has a good shoulder and was a good direct route out. Later it becomes a freeway (although the transition was not clear), but the surface street alternates at that point (from the Chicagoland Bike Map) were clear enough to follow.

Lunch was at a place called "Al Cappacino's" in Lemont. Looking at the map, I thought it would be all rural riding from that point on as I threaded the needle between the southern Chicago suburbs and the Joliet area. I was surprised to see that the riding was still suburban in nature, although the population density and traffic levels were a lot lower than the older Chicago suburbs. Parker Road was a great "straight shot" through this area.

After crossing US 30 just east of the Joliet area it was back to the cornfields again and not too much further to Kankakee River State Park, which had camping.

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