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Day 56 - Sunday, August 12, 2001
Defiance to Gibsonburg, OH
72 miles

I had a tough time getting up this morning. Maybe it was because I lost an hour with the time change. Or because I lost an additional hour staying up to watch "Highlander" on TV. The forecast was for another pleasant day, so at least I didn't have to get up early to beat the heat.

I had breakfast at a crowded Bob Evans (I have a mental block that makes me want to call it Bob Jones - you have to have visited South Carolina to get that one.) Although it was probably the cheapest place in that area of Defiance, it was more expensive than the small town cafes I've frequented so far. I heard a quiet conversation at a nearby table, "Hey there's a biker here." "Oh, this is part of the biker route."

Rural Ohio must close for the day on Sunday, since i couldn't find a place to eat in Napoleon that was open. I had to settle for a deli sandwich at the supermarket.

Before I was complaining about the routing through Indiana because all of the towns were being bypassed. But I'm really happy with the Ohio routing so far, because it follows the rivers and goes through the towns. The small town of Grand Rapids was a neat place to stop. I'm enjoying the riding through Ohio more so than the previous two states - and I'm not saying that because I know that there is at least one Ohioan reading this!

I got a sandwich to go from the supermarket in Pemberville, just in case there was nothing open in Gibsonburg for dinner.

The turnoff to Gibsonburg was unmarked, and if it weren't for the nearby river I would have never found it - due to space limitations the Adventure Cycling maps don't give the names of the adjacent roads.

I didn't need the sandwich since the pizza place in Gibsonburg was open. The primitive (but at least quiet) campground is a mile south from town. One advantage of a mild day is that you don't need a shower as badly as after a hot day!

I got a hold of John and Nancy in Cleveland (I rode with them in Yellowstone), so I made plans to stop there on Tuesday night.

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