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Day 59 - Wednesday, August 15, 2001
Eastlake to Conneaut, OH
63 miles

Due to the pleasant weather I was in no hurry to leave. Nancy had already left early for work, but John cooked breakfast. We finished eating by 8:30, but I wasn't on the road until after 10.

There's just a few more suburbs on the lakeshore until Painesville. The route then goes away from the lake for about 15 miles, using Highway 84. Apparently there's no lake shore road for that section, maybe the nuclear plant in North Perry has something to do with that?

The route returns to the lake at Geneva State Park, which has public beach access, a refreshing change from constant stretch of private property between the road and the lake.

I found a private campground near the PA state line. It was a quiet night, as I was the only tent in the tenting area.

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