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Day 60 - Thursday, August 16, 2001
Conneaut, OH to Ripley, NY
57 miles

Some of you might be wondering if I missed a state between Ohio and New York. Yes, there is a small portion of Pennsylvania in between, but it is so small that I rode all the way through it today - in fact, both Conneaut, OH and Ripley, NY are on the PA state line.

The morning's ride was along PA Highway 5, which is close to the lakeshore but not alongside it. Therefore, there were a few rolling hills, but no major climbs.

My hopes of finding a cornless state were dashed when I saw some cornfields along Highway 5... it was pretty pathetic looking corn though, obviously not enough rain in the area.

The route uses 6th Street through the city of Erie. It was a good, lightly traveled way through the city, with huge 100 year old houses - many in good condition, others dilapidated. They were just setting up for the "Erie Days" street festival downtown while I was riding through.

I saw a campground right after I crossed the NY state line. Once I saw that there was a tavern a quarter mile from the campground, I made a U-turn back to get a site.

A rain shower had just passed through when I went into the campground office. So they let me set up in the covered "pavilion", since there were thunderstorms forecast for the evening. I was bummed that I didn't have a free-standing tent - I had to use the picnic tables to help hold the tent in place.

There were a bunch of people having a potluck dinner in the pavilion. I didn't get invited for food right away (probably because they wanted to make sure they had enough for themselves), so I walked over to the tavern. When I came back they invited me for leftovers and some beers. Actually I was one of those nights that I wanted to retire early to work on this journal, but the party broke up early enough to at least get some sleep.

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