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Day 61 - Friday, August 17, 2001
Ripley to Hamburg, NY
73 miles

PA Highway 5 had become NY Highway 5 when crossing the state line. The route had also returned to the lakeshore somewhere in PA before the state line.

Dunkirk didn't seem like a nice place to stop for lunch, so I went 10 more miles to Silver Creek for lunch. It was a nice looking small town with a neat park with a gazebo, and church bells that did a lot of ringing at noon.

After I got on the road again the rain came. I had shipped my rain jacket back home in Wyoming, figuring that any rain I would encounter would be a warm rain. But it was mid 60s and raining - luckily still warm enough to use the windbreaker as a rain jacket. I found shelter during the heavy intermittent downpours, but it was OK to ride during the lighter rain.

Lake Shore Rd. then broke off of Highway 5, which made for some nice views of lakefront mansions.

I restocked on food at a market in the town of Angola. That reminded me of the time my boss had to go on a business trip to the African country of Angola, under armed guard the whole time. Luckily my experience in the market was much more tame. I then quickly purged all thoughts of work from my system and continued on my ride!

There were some nice views of the city of Buffalo across the lake just before Lake Shore Road rejoined Highway 5. Highway 5 was fairly busy since it is one of the approaches to Buffalo. I turned off and got a hotel in Hamburg - closer to Buffalo than I had expected, therefore not a cheap room.

Earlier I had put out an e-mail asking for routing advice, as I would not be able to finish my tour by the end of the month with my original plan. I digested the responses and also called someone from the bike touring e-mail list for advice. I decided to cut out the Niagara Falls part of the routing, since it added too many miles and goes through Buffalo and Rochester. Apparently the old Northern Tier route stayed in southern New York and then went north past the Finger Lakes to Lake Ontario just east of Rochester. I wish I had known about this route before today's ride, but I still have a good plan for the next few days.

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