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Day 63 - Sunday, August 19, 2001
East Avon to Auburn, NY
67 miles

Last night's hotel wasn't the cheapest, but it was the only one in the area, and there were no camping options in the area. But three miles into today's ride, I saw two no-name hotels next door to each other, which were probably cheaper. Oh well.

A stop in Canandaigua offered the first taste of the Finger Lakes. Lunch at an overpriced pizza place on the lakeshore provided the best view of Canandaigua Lake.

Right after lunch there was some moderate rain that lasted less than an hour. Riding in it was better than standing around doing nothing, since it came with a really strong tailwind! But during the rain...

Then came the town of Geneva, which was on the shoreline of Seneca Lake.

While stopping at a mini mart east of Geneva I ran into Miki from London. She was riding west from Boston. She was the first bike tourist I had bumped into since at least Illinois - I'd have to check my logs, but I think I hadn't seen anyone else since South Dakota.

Then the thunderstorms came through, bringing strong downpours and lightning. I wasn't going to ride in this! Neither was Miki, so we sat around and talked by the picnic tables outside for a couple of hours while the storm passed through. We shared routing ideas. Miki's flight was out of Minneapolis on Labor Day weekend and she was certain she wasn't going to make it, so she was going to ride through Niagara Falls into Canada, then take the ferry to Sandusky, Ohio, followed by a bus to Minneapolis. I gave her the idea of crossing from Canada into Michigan and then taking a ferry across Lake Michigan to Wisconsin. Now she had a chance of making it there without the bus!

Finally the rain stopped and I was on the road again. My original plan was to camp in Seneca Falls, by Cayuga Lake, but since it was so soggy outside it would be another hotel night. I had noticed that the bottom bracket on the bike had started to loosen (although no play had yet developed in the cranks). The nearest bike shop was in Auburn - I found a hotel there so I could go to the bike shop first thing in the morning.

Tomorrow is also my last chance to decide whether to head back north onto the Adventure Cycling route crossing the Adirondacks, or heading east along the route that has received mixed reviews.

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