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Day 67 - Thursday, August 23, 2001
Malta, NY to Bennington, VT
44 miles

The hotel we stayed at wasn't listed in the phone book. It's owned by an older couple and is only open six weeks a year, during the race season at the horse track at Saratoga Springs. Despite the lack of publicity, the hotel fills up almost every night.

This was Steve's first, and probably last, bicycle tour. It sounded like he liked day rides around home a lot better. Dwayne will probably do other tours in the future, but shorter in duration, about one week in length. That's probably the same situation I'll be in.

After breakfast, we all headed out of town. Once we hit the first hills, the others started gaining ground, slowly pulling ahead of me. They had been doing higher mileage days on their tours so they were probably in better shape than me. Yesterday I had worked hard to keep up; today I didn't bother.

Finally, after days of riding through New York I made it into another state: Vermont.

I saw Steve waiting for me in front of a hotel in Bennington. They had decided to call it a day, instead of taking on the Green Mountains. Also, the accommodations wouldn't be cheap right on the other side of the mountains. So I decided to call it a day and join them also.

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