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Day 70 - Sunday, August 26, 2001 - Final Day
Boxborough to Beverly, MA
46 miles

It was nice of Jeff to make breakfast and leave his Rubel bike map with me so I could navigate the curvy suburban Boston streets.

Just before I got to Route 62 in Concord - oh drat, a phlat! Actually, it was more like a slow leak, so being the last day of the trip I had just tried to top off the tire with air. It wouldn't hold, so I had to change the tube, bummer.

I was averaging 14 mph, a full 2 mph higher than the usual pace for the trip. I originally attributed the faster pace to the slightly rolling terrain, but perhaps it had more to do with this being the last day of the trip.

Being Sunday, there were lots of other bike people out for a ride, particularly in the suburbs more distant from the city. Yes, the roads are narrow and winding, but the seemingly random arrangement of the roads tends to disperse the traffic, making for some pleasant riding.

I had talked with two people during the morning ride. One was an older gentleman out for a ride - he had gone across the US a couple of times, as well as various trips down the west coast when he used to live in Mendocino, California. The other one was a guy driving the other way when I had stopped to figure out whether or not I was still on 62. (Route 62 isn't one road, it's a bunch of small roads linked together by not always clear signage to form a route.) His brother had done a cross-USA bike ride before.

I met Ken by our old high school in Danvers. We had figured that the best place to find water would be in Beverly. Ken had wanted to ride the last five or so miles to Beverly with me.

Soon after reaching Beverly, within a mile of the Atlantic Ocean, I flatted yet again. Only one flat for 90% of the trip, then a flat in Vermont, and then two today. Gotta love those potholey Massachusetts roads! Aaarrgghh!

We hit the coastline, but continued north on 127 to find a more scenic place for the front wheel dipping. About a mile north we found an accessible beach right off the road - where we didn't have to have the smokestacks from Salem in the background of the photos! Finally, I made it! Yippee!

Then it was the return trip to my folks' house in Wakefield, making for a 63 mile day.

Once again, it was nice to have you all along for the ride. I am spending this week with friends and family in Boston - I'll be flying back to California on Labor Day weekend, returning to work on the first week of September. I have also turned off the "vacation autoreply" feature on my e-mail.

Later I will share some post-ride thoughts, write up a one page summary of the trip, and update the website with the photos since Wyoming (they're all sitting on a flash card here in my pocket). Stay tuned!

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